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A Mystery-Thriller Fiction Podcast

Summer 1989. Mockery Manor amusement park is gearing up to its grand re-opening. The new manager is determined to make it the UK's answer to Disneyland, burying its disturbing history once and for all.

Joining the raft of new employees are twin sisters Bette and JJ. Bette just wants to have a good time, for JJ, it's a chance to forget her past and transform into a new version of herself.

But the past doesn't go away just because you want it to - and the dead don't always stay buried.


Mockery Manor is a new mystery series by writer-performer Lindsay Sharman and composer-performer Laurence Owen. They have created numerous theatre productions, albums, books, podcasts and more.

Main Cast

Hayley Evenett, Laurence Owen, Lindsay Sharman, Peter Sowerbutts, Sooz Kempner

Written & Directed by

Lindsay Sharman

Music, Sound Design & Editing by

Laurence Owen

Artwork by

Alasdair Beckett-King