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Laurence and Lindsay's podcasts, Mockery Manor and Adults Do Disney


Laurence and Lindsay's theatre productions, including Jekyll vs Hyde


Laurence and Lindsay's paintings and visual arts


Buy LOLS' music, books, prints and more


Laurence Owen (LO) and Lindsay Sharman (LS).

We make podcasts, theatre, music, books, scripts and visual art.

We are a husband and wife creative team based in Norwich, UK. This website is where you can find all our projects in one place.

Word of Mouth

"Sharman and Owen have created a delightful, charming production, skilfully evoking brave new worlds."


Broadway World

on The Time Machine

"An amazing talent"

Firefly & Uncharted composer Greg Edmonson on Laurence

"A fantastic roller-coaster ride, as inventive as anything by J.K. Rowling"

Lindsay's Madame Magenta

series, Amazon Review

"Strong, nuanced characters in an engrossing story, while sound design and music create a brilliantly haunting atmosphere."


Mockery Manor

Apple Podcasts Review